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This website has grown from a simple interest in the question "where did I come from?" to a full-fledged hobby tracing the genealogy of the Powers clan. As a hobby, it reflects the interest in my own particular individual lineage, which originated in the Norman conquest of Ireland, through the immigration to Massachusetts of the Irishman Walter Powers in the 1650s, to the settling of the Powers clan in the Wise County area of Virginia, and their subsequent immigration West to Minnesota, and, finally, to the Pacific Northwest.

The information and photos you will find on this website have been assembled from both Powers family member contributions, and from my own research using the web, interviews and examination of records such as ship passenger manifests and census data.

I enjoy hearing from far-flung members of the Powers family, and welcome emails. I'll try to help out the best I can in any family member's research of their own past, but please keep in mind that my knowledge is pretty much limited to the lineage I described above.

Chuck Powers Photo   Peace, and best wishes in your own individual search,
  Chuck Powers
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