Albert Vincent Jahoda

Albert Jahoda

Albert Vincent Jahoda, 1889
19 years old

BORN: DEC 24 1870 - Detroit, Mich.
DIED: MAR 14 1944 - Staples, Minn.
AGE AT DEATH: 74 years
BURIAL: Evergreen Cemetery, Staples, Minn.
MARRIED: Frances Harnicka, JAN 29 1894, Jackson, Minn.

Albert's parents both were born in Bohemia. When a young boy, he moved with his parents to Nebraska where they lived several years. They then moved to Jackson, Minn., where Albert later had a 640 acre farm that he owned and operated. At age 23, he married Frances, and they lived in Jackson until 1920 when he sold the farm. After moving to Park Rapids, Minn., he bought a confectionary store and a garage which overhauled cars. He sold those and moved to Staples, Minn., where he owned a movie theater which showed silent movies at ten cents admission, a large house, and a farm in Nimrod. In his business endeavors, he had his sons help him run them so that they would have jobs. After his children grew up and left home, he divorced his wife, Frances. He liked drinking, going to dances and flirting with the women -- especially after getting divorced.

Frances Hranicka

Frances Harnicka

Frances Hranicka

BORN: APR 27 1872 - Chicago, Ill.
DIED: APR 5 1944 - Staples, Minn.
CAUSE OF DEATH: Uremic poisoning
BURIAL: Evergreen Cemetery, Staples, Minn.
MARRIED: Albert Jahoda, JAN 29 1894, Jackson, Minn.

Frances's parents both were born in Bohemia, and her father's name was John Hranicka. Born in Chicago, she received her education in schools in that city. Later, she moved to Jackson, Minn., where she married Albert. They lived in Jackson and Park Rapids before moving to Staples, Minn. She was a member of the Royal Neighbors Lodge for many years. Frances was ill about six months before her death, and had been in the hospital several times before dying of uremic poisoning.

The 1900 Jackson County, Minn., census lists two step children: Mary Bezdicek, b. Jan. 1891, Minn., and Frank Bezdicek, b. May 1892, Minn. The census lists their father as being born in Bohemia, and their mother born in Illinois. According to a descendent, Lori Rute Fortner, Frances was first married to Frank J. Bezdicek (date of marriage: 21 May 1891), and they had the two children, Mary and Frank. Frank died shortly before (5 Oct 1891) the birth of his son. Presumably, the two children were adopted by Albert shortly after he married the widowed Frances.


     Albina Adeline Jahoda                 Born:  MAY 17 1896, Minn.
       | Leo Edwin Baxter                  Born:  AUG 14 1915
       | Blanchie Helen Baxter             Born:   APR 8 1918
       |   | Elaine Frances Knosalla       Born:   MAR 5 1939
       |   | Robert Charles Knosalla       Born:  SEP 10 1940
       | Viola Marie Baxter                Born:  DEC 15 1919
       | Valerie Marie Baxter              Born:   OCT 4 1923
     Milo J. Jahoda                        Born:     JAN 1899, Minn.
     Robert (Bohunul) Jahoda               Born:      c. 1903, Minn
     Helen (Mittlestad) Jahoda             Born:      c. 1906, Minn
     Matilda (Rud) Jahoda                  Born:   FEB 9 1908, Minn.
     Olga (Peacock) Jahoda                 Born:  APR 10 1910, Minn.
     Ernest Jahoda                         Born:  JUN 15 1913
       |   |   |

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