Albina Adeline Jahoda

Albina Adeline Jahoda
(r-l): Albina Jahoda and husband, Charles L. Baxter, in the early 1960s
BORN: MAY 17 1896 - Jackson County, Minn.
DIED: JUL 23 1966 - Minneapolis, Minn.
AGE AT DEATH: 70 years, 2 months, 6 days
MARRIED: Charles LeVern Baxter, JAN 14 1914, Jackson, Minn.
CHURCH AFFILIATION: converted to Protestantism


Recollections from her daughter, Blanchie Baxter:

Charles L. and Albina Baxter family
Charles L. Baxter and Albina Jahoda circa 1925. Children: Leo, b. 1915, Blanchie, b. 1918, Viola, b. 1919, Valerie, b. 1923
Albina was raised on the farm and came from a comfortable family. She was baptized Catholic, but became Protestant in order to marry her husband, Charles LeVern Baxter. Albina's folks weren't practicing Catholics, because they lived far out in the country. A long-time resident of Staples, Minn., she was a member of the First Methodist Church, where she was active in the Susannah Wesley Circle and the Women's Relief Corp. She worked as a homemaker and spent her time raising her four children. She worked a great deal in her large garden and canning fruits and vegetables. She met her husband, Charles LeVern Baxter, in a dime store while shopping. The couple's favorite song was "I Met Her in the Five and Ten Cent Store." They liked playing a card game called "500," which was popular then in the Midwest. They were married 50+ years, celebrating their Golden Anniversary, until her death in 1966. They almost got divorced once over her husband's drinking.


   Albert V. Jahoda -----------------\
                   Albina Adeline Jahoda
   Frances Harnicka -----------------/


     Leo Edwin Baxter                  Born:  AUG 14 1915
     Blanchie Helen Baxter             Born:   APR 8 1918
       | Elaine Frances Knosalla       Born:   MAR 5 1939
       | Robert Charles Knosalla       Born:  SEP 10 1940
     Viola Marie Baxter                Born:  DEC 15 1919, Park Rapids, Minn.
       | Arlene (Swanson) McGillivray  Born:
       | Jack McGillivray              Born:
     Valerie Marie Baxter              Born:   OCT 4 1923, Staples, Minn.
       | Nancy Carol David             Born:  DEC 24 1947, Portland, Ore.
       |   | John Thomas Allen         Born:  APR 25 1970, Minneapolis, Minn.
       |   | Wade Nathan Allen         Born:  JUN 26 1977, Little Falls, Minn.
       |   | Jodi Melissa Allen        Born:  JUL 30 1978, Little Falls, Minn.
       | Michael Leon David            Born:   JUN 7 1949, Portland, Ore.
       | Jerome Francis Landwehr       Born:  APR 28 1954, Staples, Minn.
       |   |   |

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