Mary (Polly) Elizabeth Money

                                 /-- Money Family Tree History
                            /-- Jacob Money Sr. (b. c. 1748-Person County, N. Carolina)
                       /-- William Money Sr. (b. c. 1774-Person County, N. Carolina)
                       |    |
                       |    \-- Susannah (Money)
                  /-- Allen Money (b. c. 1802-Surry County, N. Carolina)
                 |     |
                 |     \-- Eady Cooper (b. c. 1776)
            /-- Mary (Polly) Elizabeth Money (b. c. 1830-Surry County, N. Carolina)
            |    |
            |    \-- Elizabeth (Money) (b. c. 1807)
      /-- Lewis William Money (b. c. 1866)
 /-- William Clifford Money (b. 14 Jul 1893-Yadkin County, N. Carolina)
 |    |
 |    \-- Salena Holcomb
Naomi Ruth (Money) Powers (b. 24 May 1913-Cripple Creek, Wythe County, Va.)
 \-- Lena Myrtle Graham (b. 24 Jul 1894-Pulaski, Va.)

Editor's Note: The text in this section of the Money Family Tree has been adapted from an informal research paper entitled "The Money Family of Yadkin County North Carolina and Tazewell County Virginia as Descended From Jacob Money of the French House of Monnett." This research paper was concluded in June 2000, and was written by Michael Money, Nyoka Money and Kenneth Money. My thanks to the authors.

The time period from 1850-1860 was a time of explosion waiting to happen. This was also a time of turmoil within the Money family. Mary (Polly) or (Pollie) Money is the next ancestor in our heritage line to be discussed. Polly's story may be more speculation than documented history, as you, the reader will see. In 1859 she was still unmarried which was very unusual for a girl other age. Most women were married between ages 16 and 20. Over twenty and not married, one could be considered a spinster or "old maid." From this point, for the sake of clarity, we will use the name "Polly" as most records state, rather than both "Polly" and "Pollie."

Woman and child

Woman and child. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

On May 11, 1859 David Collins paid Polly Money $10.00 for support of a child that he conceived with her. This information was extracted from the Index of Bastardy Bonds of Yadkin County. Recall in the year 1850 part of southern Surry County became Yadkin County North Carolina. From this stage onward Yadkin will be the focus of most of our examination. Recall that David Collins from the 1850 census lived two houses from Polly.

Jack Money, who contributed very helpful material via e-mail to this composition, said that generally a Bastardy Bond was made out before the child was born, so the name and sex of the child are not listed. The mother was always named and the father would be also unless the mother refused to name him. In some cases a "bondsman" would be named who was presumably a relative who vouched that the child would be supported.

In many situations of this nature, the parents would send the unwed mother away to give birth. There is no indication that Allen and Elizabeth chose this route. Of course Polly was nearly thirty years old and last recorded with the Holcomb's in 1850. Where she was actually residing around 1858-1859 with her pregnancy and birth of her first child is unclear. Regardless, chances are very good that Allen had a loud voice in the $10.00 from David Collins being issued in court.

Whether David Collins admitted he fathered the child from the beginning is unclear. Allen may have suspected David as the father or perhaps Polly spoke out that David was the father. David may have also admitted he was the father. Whatever the situation, we feel that Allen pressured the couple to receive the proper retribution for their error. Polly was about eight years older than David as seen in the 1850 census table previously. As David grew older, the age gap closed and his relationship with Polly resulted in the birth of David C. One question remains for the authors of this document "Why did Polly and David not get married?" David was not married at this time.

Notice the different usage of names in the 1860 census as opposed to the 1850 census. "Martha" who was twenty-eight in 1860 is "Mary" who was seventeen in 1850. "Patsey" who was eight in 1850 is "Polly" who was seventeen in 1860. They were both only one year off between census records on their age. Compared to some records this was not bad in the least. It seems that the census taker of 1850 was more familiar with the people and used more nicknames. The census taker of 1860 may have been someone who was hardly acquainted with the people of the area and did not know many people personally.

The Money household also shows baby "David C" who was one year old. This is obviously the son of David Collins and Polly Money who was born in 1859. This name must have been David "Collins" Money. He was being cared for by Allen and Elizabeth in 1860. Where was Polly? The best our research could show, no trace of Polly can be found in the 1860 census anywhere in Yadkin County.

Basing an opinion on later census records, we believe that Polly either left the area with someone or she was sent away. One reason she could have been sent away was because she was pregnant again. Or Polly may have been lured away by someone promising her fame and money if she went with him. However, she did give birth again in 1861 to a son named Enoch Money. There will be more detail on Enoch later in the document as the 1900 census records his birth date as January 1861. (However his tombstone in the Mountain View Baptist Church Cemetery in Yadkin County picture in photo section at end of document lists his birth date as 1856). All census records and his death certificate substantiate the 1861 birth date. It is unclear who was his father, as this is not recorded on his marriage bond of August 19, 1886.

It is very likely that once it was known that Polly was pregnant again around April 1860, Allen may have sent her away with some relatives, or to a place where the baby could be born. Little "David C." had been born only a year before, and we would suspect that Allen and Elizabeth were concerned about another child being born. Allen and Elizabeth were taking care of their little grandson (David C.) while Polly was absent. Whether she went away willingly or was sent away by her parents is unclear, however, she did leave little David C. with Allen and Elizabeth. The most likely scenario is that Polly was sent away in 1860-1861 to give birth to Enoch. This explains her obvious absence in the 1860 census records.

Editor's Note: Polly Money's story is closely tied to the birth and rearing of her children. Please refer to the account of Lewis W. Money's birth and childhood for more information about Polly between 1860 and 1880.

Her whereabouts is mentioned in this record of 1880. Buck Shoals Township, Household # 270 records:

William Shorewhitemale32head / (widowed)
Mary Monywhitefemale49servant / (single)

The original records spell her name "Mony." By looking at her age, (49), and considering her "servant" status in the household, no doubt this is Mary "Polly" Money. Her age lines up with her birth in 1830 or 1831 and exactly ten years ahead of her age thirty-nine in the 1870 census with the three boys. As mentioned earlier, we do not know exactly the family relationship between the Moneys and the Shores, however, the birth of William W. Shore and Js. W. Shore are recorded in the Bible of William Money's granddaughter. Apparently William and Polly were cousins and he opted to take her in. His wife had died as the census indicates, and he probably needed a woman to help with the house while he farmed.

Our attention turns to the 1900 census of Yadkin County, Buckshoals District. The 1900 census reveals more information of the status of the family unit. The chart below lists the information on the household of Enoch Money.

NameRelationship to the head of householdRaceSexMonth of birthYear of birthAgeSingle, married, widowed, divorcedMother of how many childrenNumber of these children living
Enoch MoneyheadwmJun (or Jan?)186139m  
Louisa A.wifewfSept185742m84
William H.sonwmFeb188911s  
Ephraim D.sonwmOct18927s  
Nancy J.daughterwfMar18946s  
Fannie B.daughterwfMar18982s  

It is certainly intriguing to see Pollie or (Polly) living with her son Enoch and her grandchildren. She is listed as age seventy, corresponding with all the previous records of her birth date falling in 1830 or 1831. This census clearly records Jan 1830 as the birthday. This is probably accurate because the 1830 census documented Allen and Elizabeth with two girls under age 5. The census was taken mid-year 1830, so Pollie (Polly) was probably only several months old in that census.

Betty McBride Groce said: "Momma never mentioned her dad (Enoch) or her grandmother (Pollie). Our side of the Money family was so secretive, (don't ask don't tell), I guess the illegitimacy was more than they could handle. We only learned after Momma's death about Mary Polly. Aunt Fannie told my cousins a little about Grandpa Enoch. They said David went to Virginia when he was old enough to be on his own, and they did not know what happened to Lewis W."

It is possible David C. also went to Virginia, however, we do not know where or how long he lived there. We do know that that Lewis W. also moved to Virginia, which will be discussed later in this document. Notice in the 1900 census that Pollie is the mother of three children with two living. Enoch and Lewis obviously were alive and David C. has not been seen since the 1870 census. His cause of death, date, place, and age can only be met with speculation.

One other note about Pollie is that her marital status is listed as "single." This would indicate that she was never married. Much of her life is still a mystery to us and may never be revealed. It is the opinion of the authors of this document that she was a brave woman that tried to care for her three sons without the benefit of an education to help her find employment. We feel she was the victim of unscrupulous men that took advantage of her, which resulted in the birth of three sons. No man desired her hand in marriage. Polly is a story of tragedy and triumph. Triumph in that two of her three boys, (Enoch and Lewis W.) would survive those grueling years from their birth until the late 1880s to raise families of their own. Tragedy in the death of her son David; tragedy in the heartbreak and suffering she must have endured while trying to raise her sons. The descendants of Enoch and Lewis W. would continue to grow. Some still live in North Carolina while some have settled in other states to raise their families and follow their employment dreams.

The physical or mental condition of Pollie (Polly) in these last years with Enoch around 1900 is unknown. Shortly after the 1900 census she would pass away. There are three tombstones at the Mountain View Baptist Church in Yadkin County that tell the story:

  1. Enoch 1856-1916
  2. Eliza 1857-1936
  3. Polly E. Money 1834-1902

The birthdates for Enoch and Polly as listed on the tombstones do not line up exactly with their ages on the 1900 census. However, it was not an unusual occurrence for dates and ages to not be consistent from one document to another during this era. Thus, Polly was about seventy-two years old at her death in 1902. Her middle initial "E" was likely "Elizabeth" after her mother, Elizabeth Money.

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